Our own construction and you can use it on a cottage with your friends.... Technical data sheet. TECHNICKÉ_ÚDAJE_TESLA HC 14.pdf (246,7 kB) Price: 1 150,- CZK
Especial for hifi lovers and confessors unique construction. You have to listen it and buy it... Technical data sheet. TECHNICKÉ_ÚDAJE_DUAL 505 II.pdf (222380) Price: 8 500,- CZK
Looks as a new one. Very nice and good offer for your choice. Technical data sheet. TECHNICKÉ_ÚDAJE_AZUR 540 A.pdf (210752) Price: 6 300,- CZK
Technical data sheet. TECHNICKÉ_ÚDAJE_PIONEER CT 50R.pdf (227313) Price: 3 900,- CZK (per one piece)
Excelent tuner from Pioneer. Excelent condition and nice sound. Technical data sheet. TECHNICKÉ_ÚDAJE_PIONEER TX 608.pdf (212641)  Price: 3 000,- CZK  
Data sheet and pictures. TECHNICKÉ_ÚDAJE_SONY SQA 2030.pdf (200322) Price: 9 600,- CZK
Pioneer SA 7500 II is as vintage during blue line series, looks good and condition too. Little bit refurbish and clean. Device is for 120V AC. Data sheet and pictures. TECHNICKÉ_ÚDAJE_PIONEER SA 7500.pdf (203885) Price: 5 400,- CZK
This device is after totaly reconstruction a refurbish and loks as new. Enjoy time with Pioneer... Data sheet and pictures. TECHNICKÉ_ÚDAJE_PIONEER PL 512.pdf (231670) Price: 8 500,- CZK
When you hear Micro Seiki it is always a best product. Turntable BL 51 is one of the important of the serie which is looking forward everyboby who try to find high end... Data sheet and pictures are below. TECHNICKÉ_ÚDAJE_MICRO SEIKI BL 51.pdf (231169) Price: 19 990,- CZK
Here is a special offer for Sony fans. Recorder passed basic control. It was bought as a curiosity and now it can be yours! Technical data sheet: Price: 3 200,- CZK
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