Accessories Oldstep

For the great interest and demand of our customers, we have made a few pieces for fans of large and beautiful retro racks that are designed for a complete drawer system, both the Spec series and the Blue Line range from Pioneer.   For the blue line we can also produce a complete drawer...
We are proud of our advertisement. We have one of the amazing T-Shirts for your leasure time with your devices... Enjoy it... Price: 300,- CZK (Blue and Brown one)  
Original slipmat from Oldstep company. You never miss that product. Price: 450,- CZK 
We are offer to you some special wood cover for your devices. Now we tried some special cover for Pioneer blue line series... Prices: from 2 000,- CZK to 6 000,- CZK - according to the requirements.
Headphones holder as a accessories in your home.  Price: 2 500,- CZK
Heavy center for your LPs old colection under 180 grams... Price: 825,- CZK
Center puck for you singles collection. Price: 457,- CZK
Especially for your hifi devices.  Price: "A 4 Set" - 2 332,- CZK (Price included 8 basic stands, 4 spikes, 4 trays), "B 4 Set" - 1 161,- CZK (Price included 4 basic stands, 4 bumpons)