Accessories Oldstep

We are able to produce of every kind of plastic covers for your old turntables... Price: from 1 500,- CZK to 4 000,-  CZK
The second type of holder for our pets is typical for new design and home furnishings, or for beginners who do not have such a supply of boards and want to place them somewhere in some space.   The bracket is made of centimeter hardened plastic material with a heavy and stable base. The...
Practical and very nice design and idea. The record holder holds up to a hundred vinyl, depending on the thickness of the covers.   The base is partly made of solid wood and the sides are made of thin plywood. The grooves in the base are effective and function as a binder for old...
For the great interest and demand of our customers, we have made a few pieces for fans of large and beautiful retro racks that are designed for a complete drawer system, both the Spec series and the Blue Line range from Pioneer.   For the blue line we can also produce a complete drawer...
We are proud of our advertisement. We have one of the amazing T-Shirts for your leasure time with your devices... Enjoy it... Price: 300,- CZK (Blue and Brown one)  
Original slipmat from Oldstep company. You never miss that product. Price: 450,- CZK 
We are offer to you some special wood cover for your devices. Now we tried some special cover for Pioneer blue line series... Prices: from 2 000,- CZK to 6 000,- CZK - according to the requirements.
Headphones holder as a accessories in your home.  Price: 2 500,- CZK
Heavy center for your LPs old colection under 180 grams... Price: 1 331,- CZK  
Center puck for you singles collection. Price: 457,- CZK
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