The heart and the core of our phono preamplifiers are the vacuum tubes, according to us, the most important part of high-end audio technology. Needless to say that signal amplifiers come in A-class design quality, allowing for precise biasing of each, carefully selected vacuum tube and thus reducing the distortion to the minimum. The power supply is always in its own chasis, separate from the amplifier, so that we achieve the highest possible signal-to-noise ratio (SRN). After a long research, we decided to use for our preamplifiers the passive RIAA correction divided between two amplification stages. We are thus able to be precisely in line with the RIAA standard. We use decades-proven wiring setups with current technology components and design elements, thus raising the designs to a new quality. A good example is our fully symmetrical - balanced preamplifier. It is a combination of perfect tube sound and leading-edge components. We are trying to stand out with a unique design, thereby we use precise mechanical components from reputable manufacturers in combination with custom-made wooden casings and accessories.


For us, technology is just a tool. Our main goal is to relieve you of the hassle of deciding whether or not you should buy our Oldstep amplifier. From the moment you hear it, we want you to yearn for it and be wishing you had it already in your high-end setup.


Production and assembly of our products

Production and assembly of our products

Our production and assembly is purely handmade using professional equipment required for this type of work. Our product line currently includes three types of high-end phono preamplifiers which you can order based on our references or test them out in your home environment.

We use high-quality components, ceramic sockets, gold-plated NEUTRIC connectors, safety-certified transformers, and precise mechanical components. The selection of vacuum tubes and capacitors are a different issue, as they have the greatest impact on the resulting sound. In the analog signal path, the best capacitor is no capacitor.  Therefore, we try to minimize the number of capacitors. But the ones that we use are individually measured, high-quality capacitors. What we consider as a great advantage is our individual approach. Our client may choose from a wide range of the German TAD (Tube Amp Doctor) vacuum tubes and the MUNDORF capacitors.

We only accept orders on the basis of personal contact. Do not hesitate to call us or email us for further information.

Our testing methods

Our testing methods

Each of our product is unique because they are handmade. As the technology is continuously progressing, we are also constantly improving the quality of our high-end products (for example their component base).

All of our products are thoroughly tested on various levels. Each component is carefully selected and tested. The resulting products are put to test for several days and are individually measured. With each Oldstep phono preamplifier you will receive a measurement protocol guaranteeing that the device has passed rigorous final inspection.

Our devices are tested on measuring equipment, with new units, but also with vintage high-end pieces; turntables using both MM (moving magnet) and MC (moving coil) cartridges, integrated and power amplifiers, and loudspeakers.

We also offer some high-end “jewels” from previous decades, which still have a large fan base. Therefore, we also focus on vintage components. If necessary, their component base is restored, they are thoroughly tested, and in some cases they even undergo some mechanical surface treatments.