26/02/2020 21:22
Be sure not to miss the only event that is on Czech soil and dedicated to hifi technology. The organizers have our admiration, as the competition in the world and thus in Europe is huge.   Therefore, take advantage of you to "bounce" and listen to the news of us hifists...
26/02/2020 21:20
As is customary, people who are around technology play simultaneously on a musical instrument, as my colleague Mr. Ing. Stejskal. A month ago, the challenge was to visit the Nordic countries and perform in a mixed "corporate" band. And this is how it looked, amazing enthusiasm and incredible...
26/02/2020 21:19
26/02/2020 21:17
CENÍK_OLDSTEP.pdf (926,8 kB) 
08/10/2019 13:47
We can offer to you save your vinyls and enjoy better listening.  
23/07/2019 14:24
04/07/2019 19:53
You can buy a special Oldstep Step Down Converter for devices which are produce i n US or Japan!
20/12/2018 09:48
Try our discount offer for some vintage techniques before Christmas and at the same time we offer a 10% discount on all our complementary products such as wiring, legs, slipmats, headphones, etc.   Selected vintage technology with up to...
28/10/2018 15:18
Look at the reference photos and a short article from our customers and our work ...  
28/10/2018 15:16
! NEW - Our offer from the summer of 2018 is supplemented by a convenient purchase of all of the available types of phono preamp "Oldstep", namely Enhance and Basic. We offer 3 months' trial "time to all future customers. You pay the full amount and you have three months to return your preamp and a...
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