07/09/2020 10:37
Timelessness and technical perfection led Nadral to a new addition in the form of the ZERO 3 REFERENCE reference speaker. At the same time, you can discover, on their new website, the technical essence of the whole philosophy. Finally, even listening in our listening room can tell you a lot, you...
07/09/2020 10:35
When you buy an Enhance or Basic phono preamplifier, you now have the option of choosing a black or silver front panel. Take a look at the link and select ...
27/05/2020 17:53
The first was listening at this year's show in Prague, then the word gave the word and the meeting gave the meeting ... so we could continue writing, because the company from Žďár Nad Sázavou, did a great deed, because it follows the path of dynamic development and draws on several years of...
26/02/2020 21:22
Be sure not to miss the only event that is on Czech soil and dedicated to hifi technology. The organizers have our admiration, as the competition in the world and thus in Europe is huge.   Therefore, take advantage of you to "bounce" and listen to the news of us hifists...
26/02/2020 21:20
As is customary, people who are around technology play simultaneously on a musical instrument, as my colleague Mr. Ing. Stejskal. A month ago, the challenge was to visit the Nordic countries and perform in a mixed "corporate" band. And this is how it looked, amazing enthusiasm and incredible...
26/02/2020 21:19
26/02/2020 21:17
CENÍK_OLDSTEP.pdf (926,8 kB) 
08/10/2019 13:47
We can offer to you save your vinyls and enjoy better listening.  
23/07/2019 14:24
04/07/2019 19:53
You can buy a special Oldstep Step Down Converter for devices which are produce i n US or Japan!
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