23/10/2022 12:18
We are happy to announce that your highly requested and necessary high end step up transformers for low voltage moving coil transformers are now in stock in two variants with Sowter and Lundahl transformers with absolutely sophisticated variable settings from...
06/06/2022 10:34
Thank you for your visit and recognition of our work!
01/04/2022 18:46
Unfortunately, we had to take unpopular, but now quite common, measures, which are a slight increase in the price of our production products. The current product price list can be downloaded here - and on the product line...
01/02/2022 14:25
Wow, so we can easily evaluate the absence of sound nirvana in recent periods and its current return on 3-4. June 2022. Our devices and we will be at your disposal in one room with the company Nadral and its items.   We are looking forward to your visit and we will continuously update...
13/11/2021 18:29
We are proud of new product Nadral Reference loudspeakers when we can show you in our showroom. You can enjoy it and you do not hesitate contact us.
13/11/2021 18:27
Hifi Voice, the internet portal of Mr. Březina, a person who reviews and helps us and your customers to choose the best of technology. You can read more about us and other Czech products on its website.
13/11/2021 18:24
A novelty came out of our workshop and development, which we would like to address ingrained Puritans with a higendum sound and the feeling that they must have something worldly at home. The new Enhance Mk4 has the prerequisites to fulfill their wishes and sound...
12/05/2021 10:19
After mutual understanding in technology and work with it and at the same time a degree of humility towards old analog machines, etc., we have established close cooperation with the company Altei, which occupies one of the highest positions in the field of hi-fi and high end audio technology and...
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