Our portfolio novelty, which enriches and completes our collection and will certainly help in the selection of even the most stubborn high-end players.
The Oldstep Step Up converter is a highly versatile device that is used to adapt the signal from the MC-type turntable to the input of the RIAA correction preamplifier, which only has an input for MM-type pickups.
The primary reason for using this device is when you have a RIAA correction preamp or input on an integrated amplifier that is designed to connect an MM pickup and you need to connect an MC pickup that has a fundamentally different output impedance and voltage than the MM pickup
A MM (moving magnet) pickup typically generates a voltage of 3mV with an internal impedance of 47kOHM while a MC (moving coil) pickup generates a voltage of 0.3mV with an internal impedance between 10 and 500 Ohm. The voltage difference is therefore typically 20dB.
There is an abundance of MC transmitters on the market with very different values ​​of output voltages and impedances. In all cases, it is necessary to study the datasheet of the manufacturer of the specific portable and choose the correct input settings of the preamplifier or this converter accordingly.
Another important factor is the way the turntable ground is connected to the preamplifier, which has an important effect on the hum.
The Oldstep converter enables widely variable settings both in the area of ​​gain, impedance and the grounding method and is thus suitable for the vast majority of commonly available MC transmitters.
The design is uncompromisingly High-End style and this device provides top quality sounds and is suitable for the highest category of the listening chain.
The heart of the device are two high-end transformers and you can choose between components from Lundahl from Sweden or Sowter from England.
Price: 20 900,- CZK (incl. VAT)