Service and Refurbish

We are offer special servis for your devices and love vintage turntables and amplifiers! Do not give up with your old system and  trust us, we are able to recomended what will be better for your devices!
Within our work experience and experience, we offer a complete service for your old "bits". Gramophones and amplifiers are preferences and we are even impossible. Replacing everything from the ground will always depend on your request. It is also good to hear our recommendations. We are able to remake the whole device to your image, including the design, but rather clone to preserve as much of the old times as gramophone chas have their spirit and we like to see it!
We offer a complete service - takeover and handover techniques we are able to reach your home at home, we try to shorten the deadlines, at the same time we require patience, as some above-standard repairs and repairs require above-standard operations .... etc. It just will not give us and we look forward to every beautiful piece of past years that will pass through our hands and will serve you at least the same time as it was since its production!
Service terms and pricing:
On your device, after receiving in our listening room, at Kramolne 34 Prague 9, we will perform the initial diagnosis. Then we are able to give you the final calculation of the repair or total repass of your equipment. At the same time, we define, together with you, the scope and possible compliance with the authenticity or overall adjustment of the equipment.
Repairs and repairs are performed according to the demanding and availability of spare parts from 1 to 4 weeks. For all repairs, adjustments and repairs, we provide a warranty period of 6 months and a warranty period of 3 months for the sale of vintage goods.
Pricelist valid from 1.4. 2023:
Price for device diagnostics - 726, - CZK incl. VAT (600, - CZK excl. VAT)
- the cost for diagnostics is included in the total repair in case of a repair request
Price for 1h work for each service operation - 968, - incl. VAT (800, - CZK excl. VAT)