This industrial company was founded by Professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan in 1991 in Taiwan. When he introduced to the hifi industry a standard in the form of monocrystalline conductors of silver and copper known as UP-OCC /pure conductor without typical crystals on the surface created by pulling the conductor during production/, then technologically modified originally round conductors, star or twisted in a spiral, to improve sound performance / better dynamics and behavior of silver on the bass/ and thereby increasing the transmitted area of the sound. It is also worth noting the latest flat conductor manufacturing technology /many times increasing the transmitted area of ​​sound compared to a round conductor by up to 3.24 times/. During the following period, new conductor geometry procedures were introduced /randomly braided conductors in the cable body, active shielding of the conductors by a system of gradual application of newly developed materials /teflon, carbon/ and then by vaporizing copper and silver foils with a thickness of several microns on the cable body as a secondary protection of the conductors. Currently, a number of global brands such as Siltech, Audioquest, Atlas cable and many others purchase wires from this technology company. These wires are used in the highest models of their production sold for tens of thousands of euros.
So I believe that this company is a world leader in new technologies in the hifi industry and should not escape your attention. I am proud to represent this industrial brand here in the Czech Republic. Today, it offers dozens (up to a hundred/ in total) of cables by the meter and is thus the largest producer of these cables in the world. I will be happy to present all the cables to you gradually on the YouTube channel, in the newsletter for registered customers, and offer them here for testing and sale.
Technological terms:
UP-OCC – pure monocrystalline metal structure without typical crystals on the surface, the highest level of quality of current development, technological know-how of Neotech company by Professor Ohno.
OCC – a technologically modified conductor in the form of cold rolling of OFC metal and its densification, reduced by up to 80% of the original thickness, followed by surface polishing of the conductor and treatment in a cryo chamber.
OFC - a drawn conductor that has a long grain structure, i.e. about 50x better sound conduction structure than standard manufacturing process
The concept of a flat conductor - as is well known, sound propagates through the surface of the conductor, and if we want as many surfaces as possible for better transmission of all frequencies, in the case of a round conductor, we must add the number of conductors or increase the diameter of the conductor. This brings problems, higher cost of wires, thicker cable with the need for better shielding. Neotech came up with an elegant flat wire solution three years ago. One flat wire is about 2.80 - 3.24 of a standard 0.80 - 1.20mm thick round wire.
Price list for download and see you below the text.


NES 5001 - UP - OFC Cooper Singlewiring/Gold Plated Banana Plugs NB-80

Main advantages of the cable:
the cable allows you to apply the BiWiring design or to strengthen the main speakers with two pairs of wires with a diameter of 2x4mm2!
exceptional quality of wire construction / polished pure copper with cotton braided wires to reduce vibrations / this is the domain of cables five times the price
absolute black that blends in perfectly with the surroundings
very flexible, stretches wherever needed
and of course a great price
The high quality HP Neotech NES-5000 cable features UP-OFC Ultra Pure Copper cable conductors at an affordable price. The NES-5001 integrates 2x4mm² (11AWG) Up-OFC conductors for a total cable diameter of 15mm! Each cable conductor consists of 7 twisted strands. Each conductor is insulated with PVC to ensure excellent insulation. Then a cotton filling, a paper layer and a PVC jacket. The design of the NES-5001 ensures excellent signal conductivity and at the same time protects it from possible interference. In this way, the latter is able to offer neutral and fair restitutions. The cable can be bought by the meter, I assume it is for DYI purposes and will need to be measured exactly before termination. If you want a different finished length, or the exact length by the yardage, ask me. Or if you want to complete it in a functional form.
NEMOS 5080 OFC - (flat copper) Siglewiring gold-plated banana plug NCB 80
The NEMOS series from Neotech is the culmination of a long research in the field of audio cables. The Neotech NEMOS 5080 speaker cable combining PTFE insulation and pure OFC copper conductors with a rectangular cross-section has a special architecture enabling a significant reduction in the influence of inductance and capacitance. If you are looking for a high resolution cable, the Neotech NEMOS 5080 can fulfill that expectation. The result is surprising, combining listening qualities that are often contradictory, such as a bass presence and a readable, natural sound stage with High Definition in a medium without aural fatigue. Neotech NEMOS 5080 OFC cable structure
OFC copper conductor with a rectangular cross-section
3-layer insulation: PTFE and polyethylene in the second layer, outer sheath made of PVC
Total cross-section: 2.10 mm² / 14AWG
Cable outer diameter: 12.5 mm
NES 3005 II UP - OCC Copper Silver plated repro cable singlewiring, banana plug NCB 80
NEOTECH NES-3005 MK2 speaker cable UP-OCC copper silver-plated 6x1.3mm² Ø 13mm, unlike most cables from other manufacturers, this cable has the absolutely correct configuration of silver-plated wires. The point is that if you have all the wires silver-plated, there will be a perceived decrease in the lowest bass, the mids seem to go higher, so they have a shine, but insufficient focus and thus intelligibility, and the highs are too much to our advantage. Neotech has a solution that only silvers 40% of the conductors and leaves the rest as monocrystalline copper. And then everything is right, as it should be!! This cable has a total of 6x1.3mm² Ø7.80mm wires and is therefore more than suitable for SingleWiring terminations even for large speakers. For the application of bi-wiring, I recommend the NES 3004 II cable. This Neotech speaker cable features a 6-core StarQuad architecture with central insulation to reduce the capacitive effect. The 7.80 mm² conductors are equipped with strands of different cross-sections to limit propagation effects. In addition to the central insulation, insulation is provided by a sequence of three layers of PVC CL3, fabric and PVC.
Compliance by listening:
the cable has very nicely centered mids with perfect intelligibility and well-separated sounds of mouthpieces and the human voice, pleasant and not sharp highs with very good spaciousness. I recommend it where you are looking for better legibility and the inclusion of music with good dynamics. This cable is especially suitable for medium and bookshelf loudspeakers due to the six wires in its body, the number is sufficient and, unlike the NES-3004 model, it saves your money.
Technical characteristics
Product type Speaker cable
Conductors material Multi sections UP-OCC Copper
Insulation 4 layers: internal PVC, PVC CL3, fabric
Section 4mm² / 11AWG
Cable diameter Ø7.80mm
Quantity Sold per mete