Customers reference

Customer references are and will always be an important link when deciding on a potential and new customer to call, ask, repair or buy a new or vintage product.
We have been in the "market" for the fifth year and, on the basis of just satisfied customer references, we are developing our business further. We continue in our dull analogue direction and we still want to keep this form of our offer. At the same time, however, we respond to your demands and we will continue to like ourselves if we have and will continue to have the opportunity to talk, drink coffee and listen to good music together.
To those who have already done so, we thank you for your trust and the fact that they are always coming back to us and making use of our services!
Below we are in a photo fracture what has "passed our hands" and we are proud of it.
Enjoy it with us ...
Our expirience with old fashion, vintage, loudspeakers Pioneer S1010.