This is a chalenge for us and our work. Enjoy it and you can admire new cover for this turntable.
This was the work for our long-term customer from start to finish, ie from purchase through reconstruction to handover and involvement in the place of residence. Judge for yourself, we have nothing more to say ...
Our important customer work for a new experinces....
Wow, Enjoy Luxman PD 441!
Really very rare pieces. This devices are after our reconstruction. Lot of expirience for us. Enjoy pcs under text.
We are proud, indeed! This device has come long way, but with a great condition and looks like as new! www.thevintageknob.org/pioneer-PL-50LII.html audio-database.com/PIONEER-EXCLUSIVE/player/pl-50-e.html
Our collection has one of the important and rare amplifier from Pioneer company.www.audio-heritage.jp/PIONEER-EXCLUSIVE/amp/m10.html
New device in our collection! https://audio-database.com/PIONEER-EXCLUSIVE/amp/m5-e.html
Item from our collection! https://audio-database.com/PIONEER-EXCLUSIVE/player/pl-70-e.html
Technical data sheet. TECHNICKÉ_ÚDAJE_CLEARAUDIO_CHLIM.pdf (187,9 kB)
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