PIONEER PL 50L - Turntable

We are proud, indeed! This device has come long way, but with a great condition and looks like as new!

This beautiful piece has come a long, really long way, fulfilling our collecting desires and believe it or not, sometimes it is worth the money, because, who knows, knows that the thing is not cheap! However, this next giant from the Exclusive series belongs to the middle of the entire series. You can see the PL 70, which dominates with its size, in the next link, and the P10 after e-construction is also worth a look. Although indeed these turntables already require a little more space!
The direct drive and the E-shaped bridge in the first version of production create a truly impressive listening experience. What is valued about these beauties is their original preservation and sometimes the bayonet filled with oil for the exact balancing of the entire shoulder system, especially for selected portables from years past.
We would always like to supplement some of the texts with our new knowledge during the services that have taken place, and this turntable prototype has been in our service workshop several times. A new feature is the knowledge about the premature shutdown of the automatic machine, sometimes so early that you won't be able to enjoy your board.
The first path led to the hanger where there is a hall sensor for this purpose and together with the legal setting of the mechanically moving magnet everything is fine. It is a rather demanding job for time and peace of mind. The next step in solving the mechanical parts is to set up the electrical circuits, specifically on the hanger control board, when it is equipped with three trimmers that form one group and are an important link in the adjustment of the entire hanger system. The current, which is supplied depending on the approach of the magnet to the hall sensor, can be influenced on the circuit board by the mentioned trimmer.