SOLD - PIONEER XLC 1850 (PLC 590) - Turntable

A rare piece of Pioneer has appeared in our portfolio of service cases. This record player is truly a rarity from the eighties, when the PL 630 in full automatic reigned supreme, and you have to pay a lot of money for it even today if you want to admire its beauty and sound expression, which is absolutely unique.
The turntable needed adjusting the arm and overall settling and doing a little inspection and cleaning. Its price also remains a rarity, as a small number of them were produced and the designation XLC 1850 was for the Japanese market and PLC 590 for other countries of the world.
The device is for 100V and the conversion transformer is included in the sale. It also includes a quality MM portable (new) Vasari from Gold Note worth five thousand crowns. The record player is also a rarity from the point of view of the mounted arm, as part of it is the relatively sought-after and still popular Pioneer PA 200.
Technical parameters and photos are listed below.
Price: 58 000,- CZK