After a long time, we are again able to offer you, still valued, the Pioneer PL 50 L turntable, which is one of the series of turntables and amplifiers of the Exclusive series. The PL 50 L is the second model in this exclusive range and offers a beautiful robust chassis and is the company's top-of-the-range construction. The first pieces produced were marked PL 50 and later an afterword was added, as with PL 50 I and II. The difference is minimal in the design of the direct drive, but there is already in the seating. At the same time, the shoulder strap cannot be changed for these models, which, for example, was already included with all MK IIs, which is why we sometimes see photos with straight or chevron shoulder straps.
This piece has been thoroughly inspected, cleaned and set up. The previous owner also had the power source converted to 230V, so you don't have to deal with a step-down transformer. However, we checked everything and eliminated any deficiencies. The turntable is equipped with a new headshell from Nagaoka and with a cover for importing the portable, which is an Ortofon Red in the version of the MM system. The oil in the arm part is filled, although nowadays it only functions as a supplement. In the original manual, you will find transmissions that are tied to this balancing method.
What more can I say, if you already own these turntables, or have owned them and for whatever reason you are returning to them again, it is exactly the addictive sysndrome when you actually find out that a turntable that was top in its time, actually remains top today.
Don't hesitate to contact us, this is a great opportunity to get your hands on vintage high end for good money.
Technical information and other photos are listed below.
Price: 32 000,- CZK