SOLD - PIONEER PL 540 - Turntable

Another incredible piece went through our hands. After a complete overhaul, with disassembly, re-spraying of the chassis and other parts of the overhaul of the entire internal and external mechanism. We have already stated in several of our advertisements that this is exactly what we enjoy, apart from our direct Oldstep products, which you can already find more than enough on our website.
Believe that you will be thrilled by both the design and the sound. The Nagaoka MP 100 portable, which is a great choice for scanning new and old gramophone records, is among the most stable of the MM portable series and its parameters are compared to lower-class MC portable accessories, a really great offer.
You can find the technical parameters on the link on the Hifi Engine website and you can see other photos below.
Price:    15 000,- CZK