Vacuum Tube Phono Preamp - ENHACE MK4

The Enhance Mk4 is based on the latest model from our development workshop and is the state-of-the-art integrated preamplifier Comfort. It has everything a client wants who likes their high-end sound for their expensive and even more expensive laptops.
The Enhance preamplifier is a successor to OldStep's Puritan High End tube design. The concept philosophy is based on pure class A, zero feedback wiring and passive parallel RIAA correction, but on from the Basic amplifier the frequency difference of the RIAA correction is again divided into two stages. Each of the correction elements is thus powered by a separate amplifier stage with a defined internal resistance allowing precise setting of the break frequencies of the RIAA characteristic without interaction with excellent concurrency of the left and right channels. The Enhance preamplifier supports the connection of standard and MC MM transmissions, which, thanks to an additional amplifier stage with a low noise FET, delivers amplified gain and the possibility of optimal individual input impedance used by the MC transmitter. Double Stage 6SL7 Triode in First Stage with Parallel Systems Minimizes Noise and Sounds Distinctive Captivity another amplifier. The Enhance preamplifier again uses proven carefully selected and paired OldStep tubes, Audiophiler capacitors and Neutric connectors. The customer can choose vacuum tubes of their taste from a number of renowned according to current manufacturers, or discover the unique charm of historical pieces from old warehouses. The power supply is solved without compromise by a separate power supply, which provides a stabilized voltage not only for the anodes of the tubes but also for the heating circuits. Of course, there is a soft start function - a slow onset of the glow and then anode current to achieve maximum tube life.
The main advantage is the switch of optional input use for the selected MM and MC portable, in the optional option for high and low voltage cartridges. The step up transformers we use are top notch from the Swedish comp Lundahl ( and British company Sowter (
The MC-MM selector switches the preamplifier to the connected cartridge type mode.
MC - Moving Coil - in this mode, the preamplifier has a total gain of about 60dB and allows you to connect a "Low Voltage" MC cartridge (low voltage transmission). It works with an input voltage in the order of 0.3 mV.
MM - Moving magnet - in this mode, the preamplifier has a total gain of about 40dB and allows you to connect common MM cartridges (carriers with higher output voltage). It works with an input voltage in the order of 3mV.
Due to the high overcurrent, the output voltage values ​​are not critical for the preamplifier.
List for download:
Price: 46 900, - CZK price incl. VAT (the basic price does not include a step up transformer for MC LO - surcharge for the use of STEP UP transformers - CZK 16 000,- price incl. VAT)