Step Down Converter - OldStep - 500VA
The device is used to power audio devices with operating voltage of 100V to 120V, so they are mainly components sold in the US (120V) and Japan (100V)
The output of the inverter can be set at the factory for output voltages of 100, 110 and 120V. The built-in front panel voltmeter indicates the actual effective voltage at the output. If the inverter is idle or used at a lower than the rated output, the output voltage is several volts higher, this difference is always within the standard range for each voltage level and or damage to the appliance.
Designed as a Class I electrical device, the inverter uses a protective pin (PE conductor) to protect against dangerous contact voltages. All relevant terminals and metal parts of the device are connected to ground potential according to the standard via PE protective conductor.
This converter cannot be used as a isolation transformer within the meaning of electrical equipment of category III.
The drive is capable of supplying equipment for both 50 / 60Hz frequencies.
A big advantage of the converter is the integrated delayed start circuit, where the inrush current is limited so as to prevent instantaneous overload of the circuit breaker and its equipment. The inverter can therefore be connected to a standard 16A type B circuit-breaker, despite its high performance. This circuit works completely automatically.
The inverter is also equipped with a powerful overvoltage protection and a line filter that effectively suppresses RF interference that is eliminated by this filter and does not penetrate the connected consumers. The overvoltage protection together with the RF filter very effectively protects the connected equipment and significantly increases long-term reliability and trouble-free functionality.
The overvoltage protection and RF filter protect the complete devices and consumers on the secondary voltage side (100-120V).
The device is also equipped with two sockets for connecting appliances with 230V power supply, this output is also protected by overvoltage protection and filter, both sockets are switched and provide voltage for the appliance when the appliance is switched on. It is therefore possible to control up to four appliances, two 230V and two 100-120V with one on / off button.
Technical parameters
Supply voltage (input): 230V, 50Hz
Output voltage after overvoltage protection and RF filter: 230V
Maximum total power consumption at output 230V: 1500VA (both output sockets together)
Output voltage on the secondary side of the drive: 100V, 110, 120V at rated power (adjustable at the factory or at OldStep Service)
Maximum total secondary output power: 500VA (both output sockets together)
Integrated surge protection
Integrated filter for symmetrical and differential interference from the mains
Technical parameters of overvoltage protection and RF filter:
Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc 275,00 V AC
Rated load current at 25 ° C 10 A
Rated discharge current (8/20 µs) L-N In 3.00 kA
Rated discharge current (8/20 µs) N-PE In 3.00 kA
Rated discharge current (8/20 µs) L + N-PE In 5.00 kA
Voltage protection level mode L-N Up 1.20 kV
Voltage Protection Level Mode N-PE Up 1.50 kV
Voltage protection level mode L-PE Up 1.50 kV
Response time L-N ta 25 ns Response time N-PE ta 100 ns
Filter attenuation at 1MHz unbalanced (50 Ω / 50 Ω) 30 dB
Mains switch - disconnects the whole device from the mains, the on position is in the standby mode
Measuring Voltmeter Switch - Turns off the voltmeter on the front panel
Control button - presses the inverter for the first time from "standby" to "on", pressing and holding for about 3 seconds switches the inverter back to "standby" mode
Operation of the device
When using the inverter in full power mode, the air vents in the top and bottom enclosures must be freely accessible.
List for download:
The device is delivered only to order according to customer's request with delivery within 14 days.
Price: 19 900,- CZK incl. VAT (Japan and US plugs and 220V plugs for EU suplly)