SOLD - ONKYO INTEGRA - P - 388 a M - 588 - Preamp and Power Amp

Onkyo Integra - P-388 and M-588 is a high end device literally. With their quality, technical parameters and design, they can be boldly compared with today's top equipment for the audiophile society. This design was also exported outside Japan and was available until the end of the 1990s, depending on the destination country.
The original model is in champagne color (P - 388 and M - 588) with wooden sides, the general export silver model (P-388F and M - 588F) was made with plastic gray sides and in the final special production for the German market, the model is full black with the name P-3890 and plastic black sides.
The P-388 embodies a refinement of what was structurally developed in the predecessor of the P-308 (1986), but without the additions of In-Phase transformers ... and most of all, including countless switching functions and correction features.
There are two "laser" AEI transformers, one for line sources and the other for phono input sources, and the other outside the housing for auxiliary functions such as relays or motor-controlled source switching and volume control.
Power supply section, where the rear transformer is for powering the L and R channel sources and the front transformer supplies the MM and MC stages separately.
Unlike the latter, the phono MM and MC inputs each have their own terminals (and circuits), but no correction and adjustment of the capacity or ohmic load, ie a preset especially for MC transmitters.
There are two balanced and balanced XLR inputs, along with three outputs - one normal and one phase inverted (both unbalanced) and normal in balanced format.
Very carefully selected components, dual-mono structure, Neutrik terminals, etc.
The main circuit is arranged as with the M-588: double differential input, double servo ...
The P-388 is an excellent high-end high-end preamplifier. Ready for 110V and 220V power supply.
Again, it is the embodiment of what has already been inserted in the M-508 (1986), but structural modifications have been made, for example, in the connection of transformers.
Twelve Sanken 2SA1303 / 2SC3284 output stage transistors, such has an M 588 potential.
Neutrik input terminals, thick internal cabling, excessive rectifier diodes, eight 5200µF / 100V low-ESR capacitances (ELNA) and two large transformers are of the EI "laser" type (faster response, linear flux).
There is also a very quiet headphone output.
The M-588 is a true leader among amplifiers. This piece has a 110 V power supply, the transformer is part of the sale.
We offer to you some new side wals for power amplifier just now, it was little bit demage.
Price for sets - 79 000,- CZK - ONKYO INTEGRA P - 388 and ONKYO INTEGRA M - 588