SOLD - MUSIC ANGEL XD SE - Tubes Amplifier

Music Angel XD-SE is a tube Hi-Fi stereo amplifier with great, "velvety" pleasant sound, especially suited for listening to analogue music from turntables and with the wonderful feeling of being on the lookout, something to watch.
It is connected as a pentode with the possibility of switching to triod mode (less distortion, but also power).
Fair, robust design - weight 22 kg. Three switchable inputs, volume control, robust gold-plated connectors.
Fitted with tubes: 4 x EL 34, 2 x 6SL7, 2 x EM 84, 1 x ECC 85.
It is in very good condition, minimally used and absolutely functional. I use to test our preamps and know that the sound has always been super great.
Price: 9 900, - CZK