From the offer of newer products for sale, you can have a relatively good hifi set under the tree with renowned review components from Marantz from the Signature line. The components can be purchased separately, ie if you choose only one piece, it is yours. When purchasing the whole set we offer a 10% discount on the total price of the set. In addition, an extended warranty of 6 months. All components have their original packaging, manuals and other original equipment.
1. Marantz PM 7001 KI Signature - Integrated Stereo Amplifier (Silver Color) - Made in 2005-2008 and is considered a high-end hifi amplifier and is, as a review writes, the ideal audiophile companion - see the Hifi Engine for technical data -
Price: 10 000, - Kč (original price 21 000, - Kč)
2. Marantz SA 7001 KI Signature - SACD player (silver color) - again great built player, which has excellent performance with details and bandwidth, excellently designed DA converter with quality output terminals for use in eventual high end connection with other components, really is amazing and honestly built - technical data can be viewed on the Hifi Engine website -
Price: 10 000, - Kč (original price 23 000, - Kč)
3. Marantz ST 6001 - tuner (silver color) - crystal-controlled tuning, great noise-free operation, two antenna busses for cable and terrestrial antenna, band switching and 60 presets - see technical data on Hifi Engine - manual_library / marantz / st6001.shtml
Price: 3 500, - Kč (original price 7 000, - Kč)
4. Marantz TT 5005 - turntable (black)
Price: 3 500, - Kč (original price 7 000, - Kč)