SOLD - JADIS ORCHESTRA REFERENCE - Tubes Integrated Amplifier

This high-end tube amplifier from the French manufacturer Jadis Electronics excels with its great combination of design and the resulting sound. A real gem is the sight of its tube storage and with massive transformers.
We once bought an amplifier for complete testing of our preamps, and since we now have our own "ends", we would love to serve someone who appreciates its quality.
It is designed as a class B with a power of up to 40W, range 20Hz - 70kHz, input terminals of 5 pieces are sufficient for normal operation of all possible music sources. However, just to listen to your favorite vinyls, you will need our piece, ie the Enhance or Basic preamp of our production. The combination is really great, try ...
Replacement tubes are available for any other, possibly better sound, and are essentially unused, including the manual and the original purchase agreement.
Technical parameters in the link and photos are listed below.
Price: 39 000 CZK