Integrated And Headphone Tube Preamplifier - COMFORT

This brand new type of preamplifier is based on the basic concept of our basic phono preamps, and from the name COMFORT it is evident that we rely on comfortable high-end sound and great opportunities for the customer to listen to vinyl and two other music sources while using their headphones.
The COMFORT preamplifier is designed as a combination of a Puritan High End phono RIAA corrective preamplifier, an uncompromisingly designed "solid state" line preamplifier with two universal inputs and an OldStep headphone amplifier.
The philosophy of the concept is again based on pure class A, zero feedback wiring and with passive parallel RIAA correction, the RIAA frequency correction is divided into two stages and meets the highest demands on equipment of this class. Each of the correction elements is thus powered by a separate amplifier stage with a defined internal resistance allowing precise setting of the break frequencies of the RIAA characteristic without interaction with excellent concurrence of the left and right channels. The COMFORT Enhance preamplifier is fully tube with sufficient gain over 50dB supporting the connection of MM and MC transmissions in the standard version, which thanks to an additional amplifier with low noise FET delivers the necessary amplification and the possibility of optimal individual adjustment of input impedance used MC transmitter. The appropriate impedance can be set in a wide range with the switches on the rear panel.
Double Stage 6SL7 Triode in First Stage with Parallel Systems Minimizes Noise and Adds Distinctive Captiveness to Sound another amplifier.
The preamplifier again uses proven carefully selected and paired OldStep tubes, Audiophiler capacitors and Neutric connectors. The customer can choose vacuum tubes according to their taste from a number of renowned current manufacturers, or discover the unique charm of historical pieces from old warehouses. The power supply is solved completely without compromise by a separate power supply, which provides a stabilized voltage not only for the anodes of the tubes but also for the heating circuits. Of course, there is a soft start function - a slow onset of the glow and then anode current to achieve maximum tube life.
In addition, the loudness function enhances the final feeling while listening quietly, and in conjunction with the end monobloc amplifiers we are developing (available on the market during January 2021), it is an unimaginable sound "nirvana".
Technical parameters and the final price will be specified during the month of October 2020!
For listening today in conjunction with ZERO 2 monoblocks and speakers from Nadral.