Our testing methods

Each of our product is unique because they are handmade. As the technology is continuously progressing, we are also constantly improving the quality of our high-end products (for example their component base).

All of our products are thoroughly tested on various levels. Each component is carefully selected and tested. The resulting products are put to test for several days and are individually measured. With each Oldstep phono preamplifier you will receive a measurement protocol guaranteeing that the device has passed rigorous final inspection.

Our devices are tested on measuring equipment, with new units, but also with vintage high-end pieces; turntables using both MM (moving magnet) and MC (moving coil) cartridges, integrated and power amplifiers, and loudspeakers.

We also offer some high-end “jewels” from previous decades, which still have a large fan base. Therefore, we also focus on vintage components. If necessary, their component base is restored, they are thoroughly tested, and in some cases they even undergo some mechanical surface treatments.