Vacuum Tube Phono Preamp - PROFI

Our top high-end vacuum tube phono preamplifier PROFI, comes not only with a beautiful design, but also with uncompromising, transparent, and warm sound quality. This preamplifier is designed to be used together with cartridges of the highest-class (MM and MC cartridges) and other high-end audio components.

This preamplifier is from input to output fully symmetrical - balanced and it's design delivers excellent signal-to-noise ratio. The input differential stage is equipped with low-noise JFET transistors Toshiba which minimize input capacity and help reduce distortion. We are again incorporating the passive RIAA correction in two amplification stages with the left and right channels perfectly balanced, and in line with the RIAA standard. This amplifier features, for both input and output, XLR connectors (symmetrical) and gold-plated RCA connectors NEUTRIK (cinch). Thanks to a built-in converter which is featuring top high-end circuits THAT, an unbalanced connection is also possible.


Price aproximately: 59 900,- CZK (inc. VAT)The preamplifier is designed on the principle of customer order requirements.


Detailed technical parameters can be found in the attachments.


project specification

Fully symetric,  A class, passive RIAA equalization

input impedance

47 Kohm, 40pF sym.

gain dB



max 0,1%, 1kHz

RIAA accuracy

0,25 dB, 20Hz – 20kHz


input stage  low noise JFET Toshiba, 12AT7

output stage 6SL7




230V, 50Hz, 50VA max