Analog audiophile connect cables Oldstep - CC Profi TP

CC Profi TP (Teflon - Platinum)
A novelty in our Oldstep offer is a purely analog connection cable with cinch (RCA) terminals of the Connection company and a connection cable made by us for our, but mainly your, needs Oldstep Cable Twist - CC Profi TP.
This purely analog cable will surely please all vintage enthusiasts, as well as others who want a lot of music for their pets for little money. The result of connecting in your audio chain is rendered bass and strong high frequencies, a great overall sound display.
You can have cables in any size, but the recommendation for quality signal transmission is up to 100-120 cm (the shorter the better). All dimensions up to the recommended, you can have extra for the same price. The possibility of connection and signal directionality, the so-called pseudosymmetric connection.
Oldstep Cable Twist Teflon
- High end cable geometrically intertwined, shielding system with braid and together with live conductor, silver-plated conductors of several diameters 2 + ground, quality Teflon insulation eliminates environmental influences with almost minimal capacity and resistance.
HiFi RCA Connection BCP 100 Platinum
- Platinum contacts for quality transmission of the entire frequency band. Precise machine quality in matt chrome. Manufactured using SMB TM (Solid Machine Brass) technology in solid brass for efficient and clear audio signal transmission. Quality insulation against unwanted interference and with a high dielectric. Divided earthing part for flexible insertion into RCA sockets. Deep bass and dynamic treble.
Price for pair: 1 200,- CZK (incl. VAT)