12/05/2021 10:19
After mutual understanding in technology and work with it and at the same time a degree of humility towards old analog machines, etc., we have established close cooperation with the company Altei, which occupies one of the highest positions in the field of hi-fi and high end audio technology and studios.
The word gave a few words and you can now see, but mainly listen to the set - Comfort preamplifier, Pure Class A PA Monoblock 20W power amplifiers and boxes of our friends from Vysočina Nadral - Zero 2 hung on them.
At the same time, you can look forward to the opportunity to see turntables from Mr. Dr. for a change. Feickert and you will certainly not disdain the direct sale of top and unmistakable HANA transmissions in variants of MC systems.
Everything will soon be on the Altei website and on the Oldstep website, you have something to look forward to, you can spend again ...
The company Altei spol. s r.o. - Novodvorská 10, Prague 4, tel. 731 012 941, www.altei.cz