Czech manufacturer of timeless loudspeakers - NADRAL company - in our office!

27/05/2020 17:53
The first was listening at this year's show in Prague, then the word gave the word and the meeting gave the meeting ... so we could continue writing, because the company from Žďár Nad Sázavou, did a great deed, because it follows the path of dynamic development and draws on several years of experience and technical tests of their products.
The exclusive construction and design of NADRAL company speakers, which can handle all genres of music lovers, even with quiet and peaceful listening, you can see and enjoy them in terms of sound in our listening room in Prague.
The symbiosis with our production program, now including the novelty that we are preparing for the autumn market, with an integrated phono preamp, is unreal, unobtrusive and non-tiring, you will simply be thrilled.
Over the next few days, you will have the opportunity to click on our website and a direct link to the top bar, to make it easier for you.
Our philosophy, we are Czech companies ...