Speaker Cables Oldstep - "CSSS"

High-quality Speaker cable with the highest demands for end devices in the High End class. Dimensions CSSS 4x4 and 4x2.5, OFC tinned copper, cross four braided - Oldstep recommends for all devices and especially Oldstep and Nadral collection.
Banana plugs and plugs are selected according to the customer's requirement and the end product can be prepared for bi ire and bi amp connection. Terminals used by companies Hicon, Oehlbach, Nakamichi, AEC in gold-plated and silver-plated versions.
One of the cheapest ways to get great sound for great money.
Price of a pair incl. VAT: from CZK 2,900 in the basic design of Hicon banana plugs (classic connection) and in dimensions of 2.5 meters in the design of 4x2.5mm. Other versions only as custom production within two weeks.