SOLD - PIONEER PL 30L II - Turntable

The Pioneer Exclusive series brings only the gems that have been decorated with the design and sound of the 1980s to date, not just a Japanese room. These rare turntables were manufactured only for the Japanese market and all models (PL 30, PL 50 and PL70) are only small-series production. This one came directly from Tokyo and is overwhelming. Certain signs of use show, for example, a dust cover would deserve to be in better shape, but it is original.
For these II Series turntables, a straight pipe was always installed, which was straight. Here, however, is the original "pioneer" Pioneer hanger with a complete set of Audiotechnika - headshell and cartridge AT 13 EG, which at this time, but still today, shows amazing sound and great handling.
A specific hanger or base is also filled with original oil and is fully functional.
Part of the turntable is the original singles playback center, the headshell and cartridge package, the Japanese manual, and the 220V transformer. We have translated from Japanese, our Japanese friends, a manual that is for the PL 50 series and can provide you with a copy. For more information, visit
Below are some photos, including those that are out of our work on this machine, cleaned, washed and prepared for you.
We offer a 6 months warranty on this turntable with Prague transportation and installation at your home.
Price: 26 800,- CZK