If the competition is worried that we have also started producing reprobeds, they need not worry. Our intention to try out some constructions and try out an extraordinary design has hopefully succeeded. Speakers may be appreciated by fans of "work" listening, when it is not quite the high end that we boast about in all our products.
They can be a nice addition by design, and those who don't have enough space in the living room can try this option.
The philosophy of the loudspeakers is based on the basic design of the renowned Czech company DEXON, when their parts were used to complete the entire electrical system, i.e. crossovers that are modified for bi wire and which are fitted by our own hands, speakers, sockets for bass reflex and fillings with repro terminals.
The wooden structure is ours and it is made of MDF material according to the templates, i.e. 20mm thickness, which is given by the company Dexon, and the surface treatment is veneering and waxing, no varnish, all natural.
Believe it or not, they cannot be compared sonically with our partner company Nadral, but they can be an interesting addition and especially an interesting price, for some of you who want to enjoy a prima listen and at the same time try.
You can also choose variants with a different design in other links. Custom production is also possible.
PRICE: 19,000,- CZK  (incl. VAT)
Technical parameters and photos are listed below.