A Japanese production turntable that deserves more attention than the internet devotes to it. Unfortunately, we are unable to identify precisely the "offshoot" of the manufacturer who has devoted himself to these gems. The Japanese company CEC is probably the closest to the year of production 1976.
The record player is in a beautiful and totally functional state. The floating chassis in a massive wooden corpus (similar to Dual or Sansui) guarantees great sound performance without the side effects of the overall performance. Strap drive with new piece. The new Audio Technica AT 95A is a great addition to this handset. Two-speed and fully-automatic with 3-plate setting options - great and practical. Fitted terminals for connection to an amplifier (cable included). Great Slinger Hanger with Careful Adjustment.
The whole turntable, cleaned, greased, fitted with a new cover and drive strap ... more ...
As a gift from us you can take away the center center for singles from the Circle collection -
The technical parameters and photos of the device are shown below.
Price: 6 450,- CZK