SOLD - EXCLUSIVE EA-10 - Base and tonearm for turntables

Exclusive S-Shaped EA-10 Tonearm Base and Original Phono F / S Cable specifically for Pioneer Exclusive Turntables (PL 30, PL 50, PL 70, P10, P3) as well as other turntables as specified.
Along with the work and reconstruction of the Pioneer Exclusive P10 turntable, we have also purchased additional equipment for these precious items as a spare part.
The base is thoroughly dismantled, polished, cleaned and lubricated see. detailed photos below.
 There are small scratches and scratches in the tightening part that fits on the wooden body, in case of installation, but the functionality and practically the design is not significantly affected.
In the base, the entangled cables are replaced into the wiring and hanger connector. The hanger has original wiring.
The weight of the whole system is approx. 110 g!
The content of the sale is:
- hanger S shape
- base and tightening screw with accessories
- brass nut
-    connecting cable
- a copy of the installation instructions in Japanese (can be translated or explained on handover)
- as a bonus, original oil for the pressure vessel (upper part of the base) according to the type of cartridge, or a tightening device (hand-made production)
Specifications and photos are shown below.
Price: 46 000, - CZK