Speaker Cables Oldstep - "SC DUAL BLUE"

The collection of speaker cables, which we have assembled for your hi-fi and high end after careful selection and testing, contains real delicacies for the eye, but especially, and this is important for us, for your hearing.

From the title in the title "SC Sommer Cable" we can translate that it is a cable of German high end quality and at a reasonable price, which makes this variant interesting. As SC designers say "With our cable you will hear grass grow". Thanks to the great presentation and dynamics, you can boldly use it for all hi-fi or high end sets. The special reverse braiding of 0.07mm fine wire, which is AWG 41 so-called litz stranding or wires, makes the cable a leader in this category.
Variants of the construction are according to the customer's choice with the construction with banana + banana "A" or in the construction with banana + fork "B". When choosing, we again followed the traditions of German companies, such as Hicon (which belongs to the Sommer Cable portfolio), which have these traditions with the best reviews and sound.
Technical properties of the Sommer Cable Orbit MK II 240 cable with 2x4mm - the contents include bundles of pure copper of course OFC and AWG 13, capacity 55 pf / 1m, very low impedance 4.5 ohm / 1km.
Technical features Hicon - Banana - robust metal construction with movable fixed attachment to the speaker terminal, gold-plated surface with screwable cable attachment in two places, includes installation socket - Fork - robust metal construction with screwing and cable attachment directly - body and head.
Price for pair: 7 257,- CZK (VAT incl.) - length 2,5m for A and B variant