Speaker Cable Oldstep "SC MOGAMI 2921"

Mogami brand cabling is a first-class and high-end affair that no hifist should miss. First-class workmanship and quality of parameters ensure a perfect and breathtaking presentation, we dare say, even for all Puritan systems.
We tested on our devices together with the company Nadral and the result is unreal, clean, full and ... After the possibility to test in your conditions you will not want another cable for your system.
Mogami are "professional cables". It can be said that almost all famous recording studios are connected with Mogami cables, which means that most of the music you listen to is recorded with Mogami cables.
Mogami is unrivaled for its precision, extremely low noise and interference, easy installation, flexibility and unrivaled - the highest quality. That's why both professionals and audiophile enthusiasts talk about the pure transparency and quiet background of these cables.
The cable is made in Nagano, Japan, under the direct control of the company's founder, who is still active. Each product is certified and meets very strict specifications that are publicly available and verifiable. Production is based on high know-how of the material and the method of production process.
Mogami has a clear philosophy. Design cables that have the most accurate signal transmission and help us listen more.
We decided to combine Japanese uncompromising quality with the German one, and as end terminals we chose bananas from Hicon, which is associated with the Sommer Cable brand. Great choice. Now it's up to you to risk it and test and then invest ...
We will be happy to lend you a cable to the place of your test ...
Price of the pair: 7 865, - CZK (incl. VAT) - the price applies to 2x 2.5 meters of cable with braid of your choice and Hicon bananas
Technical parameters and photos of the cable are listed below.