Audiophile Connect Cable - CC MOGAMI II.

Mogami are "professional cables". It can be said that almost all famous recording studios are connected with Mogami cables, which means that most of the music you listen to is recorded with Mogami cables.
Mogami is unrivaled for its precision, extremely low noise and interference, easy installation, flexibility and unrivaled - the highest quality. That's why both professionals and audiophile enthusiasts talk about the pure transparency and quiet background of these cables.
The cable is made in Nagano, Japan, under the direct control of the company's founder, who is still active. Each product is certified and meets very strict specifications that are publicly available and verifiable. Production is based on high know-how of the material and the method of production process.
Mogami has a clear philosophy. Design cables that have the most accurate signal transmission.
There is no miracle recipe for successful cable design. The highest quality design is a combination of factors such as wire quality and type, dielectric, wire geometry and shielding, flexibility of the outer tube, along with a "fanatical" approach to product quality. Only technical expertise, together with many years of experience, can lead to top results that surpass the usual ones.
(Text taken and edited from the website of SOONN s.r.o. -
We Oldstep offer audiophiles two connection variants for your hifi (CC MOGAMI I. with cable 2803 and CC MOGAMI II. With cable 2497), which certainly deserve care in the cable system, specifically the interconnecting cabling. Since it is not easy to choose a suitable RCA connector, we went the way of our best experience with NEUTRIK Profi RCA connectors, which meets all the parameters of the high end system. At the same time, we also tested the connector from the French company Elecaudio, which is just in the second variant together with the 2497 cable. Believe it or not, it was again a great choice and we highly recommend it.
Price of the pair in CZK incl. VAT: CZK 3,468 (80 cm), further custom production according to requirements. The cable can be rented.